Possible Minimum Wage Raise in New Jersey

NJ State Considers Increasing Minimum Wage to $8.50!

For those that didn’t know, about 40,000 in New Jersey current earn the minimum wage of $7.25, and from this about 1/3 are over 45 years old while half are over 25 years old. Getting by on the current minimum wage is definitely not easy for anyone in New Jersey and is one of the main reasons why so many areas are in poverty.

The proposed minimum wage is a bit better but honestly, with the increase price of living, the minimum wage in New Jersey should be at least at $10, probably much more. Employers are generating a huge profit curve over what their minimum wage employees do and I don’t think thats fair. If they can earn more, so can their employees.

It’s bad enough that salaried works who went to college and are working a skilled job and are not making an expected pay for them to survive with the standards and pricing of living in New Jersey in 2011-2012.

The minimum wage for tipped workers in New Jersey is $2.13, and that’s the dumbest thing. As a waitress or waiter working hard, you only make $2.13 an hour plus tips which are usually split between everyone. That’s no way to survive with this and this hasn’t changed since 1991. It’s by far outdated and should at least match the regular minimum wage proposed for New Jersey.

This improvement for the New Jersey minimum wage sure will help but as stated, it needs to jump up much higher if they expect people to actually get by and survive.

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