New Jersey’s Top Paying Jobs

Do You Know What the Top Paying Jobs in NJ Are?

If you are looking for a job in New Jersey that pays well, keep reading to find out about some of the best Top Paying Jobs in New Jersey or NYC!

Many people want to do jobs in NJ that they love doing, yet others seek jobs that pay really well. While it may seem that getting a high paying job in NJ isn’t possible now, you probably should think again. There are still jobs in NJ available that tend to pay very well.

Here’s a list of the top paying jobs in New Jersey and NYC and how much money they make!

Surgeon Jobs in NJ- #1 Top Paying Job

Surgeons are the highest paying job in New Jersey. To become a surgeon in NJ, you have to put in more time into training than any other medical field. Surgeons in New Jersey can make up to $181,000 a year and they usually spend up to 15 years in training. Specialized NJ surgeons are the ones at the top of the money tree. Many choose to go into specialties such as cardiovascular or neurology surgeons in New Jersey.

Chief Executive Officer Jobs in NJ – #2 Top Paying Job

Chief Executive Officer positions in New Jersey is the highest paid individual inside a NJ company. This person is responsible for the daily monitoring of a company. They can be the NJ Chairman of the Board as well as, in smaller companies, the entire board of directors. Not only do CEOs get to be the boss, they also make the most money. CEOs can bring home up to $140,000 a year depending on how advanced their company is in NJ or NYC.

Engineering Manager Jobs in NJ – #3 Top Paying Job

An Engineering Manager in NJ can make an average salary of $140,000. Engineering Managers in NJ usually require 6 to 7 years of training. Yet to make the highest salary range they need up to 15 years. NJ Engineering managers are responsible for production activity, research, planning, designing and coordination. Most NJ Engineering Managers have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and many will go on to get a MBA or doctorate.

Airline Pilot Jobs in NJ – #4 Top Paying Job

Best Paying Jobs in New Jersey Today

New Jersey Airline Pilots can bring in up to $134,000 a year. Airline Pilots require training of 5 to 10 years. Airline pilots in NJ can become licensed to fly a number of aircraft, such as NJ commercial airliners, helicopters, and cargo planes. Airline Pilots in NJ can also do other things such as test new aircraft, monitor air traffic, crop dust, and become aviation directors in New Jersey. Many people get their flight training in the military, but there are private training schools in N. Anyone that wants to fly NJ commercially, must become licensed and complete a number of regulations first. In some cases, a bachelor’s degree in NJ will be required.

Dentist Jobs in NJ – #5 Top Paying Job

Dentists make the fifth best salary in New Jersey or NYC at an average of $133,000 a year. Dentists in New Jersey typically will have eight of training become becoming certified as a Dentist in NJ. There are several Dental specialties as well as becoming a NJ general practitioner. Some NJ Dental job options include orthodontist, oral surgery, and pediatrics. There are 56 dental schools in the U.S. that offer certification, which is required by every state including New Jersey and New York.

The idea of becoming a millionaire is thought to be an overnight process but in reality it takes many of years of schooling and training to get there.

New Jersey is known for some of the best top paying jobs and so is New York. As a NJ or NYC resident, you have to be able to take on a heavy load of education in order to make the big bucks! It’ll be truly worth it in the end!

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